Thursday, 21 May 2009

May News – 2009-05-21

The Raider Broadcasting Network’s interview with me is scheduled for broadcast on June 10th. Click on the link below on or after the 10th to hear it (note: you can also hear interviews with other Raider Publishing International authors before the 10th)….

The first clue to help you solve the mystery of where the Prize is hidden (and what it is) is now published on the new “Quest for the Prize” website. Click on the link below to get there and read about it. I will be publishing new clues in each of the coming four months, so these new clues (together with the ones already hidden in the book), should be enough for you to be able to work out what it is and where it is hidden…. Good Luck! + click on "Clues" in navigation bar.

Best Regards,
Keith Dyne.

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