Friday, 28 November 2008

So, the book is now published and available in many different countries around the world. I was surprised by the number of places in Germany that the book can be found, as well as Japan, Australia, France, and many more.

I received the first batch myself today, and I must say it does feel strange to see your own work actually in print. The cover looks great, and the long wait has been worthwile...

So to recap: The Quest for the Prize is about Jerry Dumbarton, our hero, who is destined to become the next Good Lord and he has to solve five Verses (clues) which when solved correctly will lead to the location of the Prize, an object that will bring peace and happiness to the race of man.

All of the clues are real, for the Prize is hidden somewhere in England, and we have to help Jerry find it, else the Evil Lord will be victorious, and that would be a disaster for the race of man.

Good luck on your Quest . . .
Keith Dyne

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